Boutique 1:1 Coaching

Transform your body + mind to ignite energy, strength and confidence so you THRIVE

Have you had enough of feeling sluggish, stressed, and uncomfortable in your body?


Are you fed up of hating your reflection and want to take control of your lifestyle habits, mindset, wellbeing, nutrition and fitness once and for all?  


If you feel like you're going round in the same circles you are not alone. I have been in your position and I know just how exhausting it is to be stuck in a place of unhappiness with your body.

 I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be like this



It's Your Time

To Thrive


Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher. I'm also qualified in Pre/Post Natal alongside a qualified Core Exercise Solution specialist and use proven mindset techniques to help you make life long change from weight loss and strength gain to improved confidence and self belief. I'm currently training to be an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Trainer and Life Coach

I have been coaching for nearly 20 years in various forms, which blows my mind, and I'm very much nearer 40 than I am 30.  Pre Covid I was also teaching Vinyasa, Yin and Sculpt at Yoga Studios across London and running my own outdoor group training company

I'm also a trained actor and use this experience to help you with your confidence and presence alongside fully understanding how pressurised the creative industries can feel. I worked in TV for a decade too so also know how crazy the hours can be and how to help you navigate this, especially if you are trying to juggle being a parent too.

I predominantly work with Female eratives and Mums who feel lost and/or stuck or are struggling with a massive drop in confidence or self worth. I also work with those who are struggling to put their health and wellbeing first alongside the constant juggle of life, work pressures and inconsistent routines, which is so common among creatives, business owners and if you who are self employed.


I also love to work with those who are going through a big change such as a break up or job shift who want to really feel strong and confident in themselves again.

I went through a divorce in 2016 so I get the struggles these changes bring!

I'm now also a Mum and work with mums and mums to be to support you through pregnancy and beyond - I know how deep that desire to feel like 'you' again is after a baby and I understand the yearning to feel comfortable in your clothes again.  

This is about enhancing your whole life sustainably, in a way to ensure the positive changes you make stick for the long term. I help you to improve your outlook of your life, including your health, how you feel in body and what you believe you are capable of. 

I ensure we spend time focusing on your sense of worth should and we improve your self esteem and the confidence you have in your skin. 

I am passionate about helping you to step into your power so you thrive both personally and professionally. My career is important to me and so I know and understand how important yours is to you too.

I understand and I know this because being without self esteem was how I lived so much of my life and so much didn't go right as a result!

BUT I am here to help you through whatever you are working through when it comes the the relationship you have with yourself and your lifestyle. 

And really, honestly, nothing beats exercise, improving your mindset and healing your relationship with yourself and food alongside enjoying those social occasions that are wonderfully life enriching. I want to help you enjoy your body, to thrive in your life and to reap the benefits both mentally and physically. No matter your current level or experience, I am a kind, empathetic and supportive coach, with that edge to help you reach your goals safely.




Together We Overcome What Holds You Back and Set You Up For Long Term Success on YOUR Terms


  • Beat yo-yo dieting and limiting self beliefs once and for all: Improve your fitness, health and wellbeing in my easy to use app experience


  • Find time you didn't even know you had to fit in quick, effecitve and fun workouts that guarantee results 


  • No more hiding from your own reflection: Lose unwanted body weight healthily and sustainably


  • Monthly recipe packs (including vegetarian and vegan options) alongside an approach to food that doesn't require hours in the kitchen


  • Personalised nutrition coaching to ensure you can wake up every day with energy to train, work and fulfil all you need to do at home


  • Take control of your well-being for the future with mindful living, eating, self reflection (eg journalling) and an exercise programme you actually want to do!


  • No restrictions - total food & drink freedom : I'll give you the tools to handle emotional and comfort eating and drinking


  • Stop self sabotaging and destructive behaviours. Develop new habits that will ensure you thrive personally and professionally 


  • Have access to all my yoga classes to help you manage stress and improve your mobility


    Plus so much more!

What's Included in Project Thrive?



No more overwhelm around how and what to do to reach your goals. All housed in your own personalised app experience. Training blocks change every 4-6 weeks


No more yo-yo dieting with my unique approach to nutrition coaching! Personalised nutrition support that fully takes into account your prior relationship with food. No obsessive calorie counting or food tracking here!


Lay the foundations to improve your lifestyle habits for the long term


Looking forward, it's hte only way you're going! Bring the inside out. Show up as the most authentic version of yourself every day whilst staying on the path to where you want to go: No more going round in circles


I believe you can and together we help you realise the sane. I am there every step of the way to support you in achieving your transformation. Monthly calls to ensure we can adapt your programme as needed whilst ensuring you have the best support possible


With goals in sight, master your mindset (how and what you think) to create a road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of, physically, emotionally and mentally

Wear the clothes you miss wearing again with confidence

Overcome habits and choices that stop you feeling and looking your best

Feel confident in your body. Step into any room with presence and self belief

Let's Chat

If you'd like to apply for Project Thrive or simply find out more, please leave your details below and Kate will be in touch to have a no obligation chat